Virtual Learning Books Coming Soon

New Approach to E-Learning!  Drag and drop tools allow you to create a multimedia Virtual Learning Book, even if you are new to computers!  Need a solution that allows you to provide materials on multiple reading levels for your class?  Find them here!  Integrate items from the Assessment Item Bank and check for student understanding in real time.  Differentiate or Level the questions to provide a meaningful, challenging learning experience for each child in your class- FAST!


Educators can search the bank of public resources to put together the most appropriate book for their students.


Imagine you are an 8th grade math teacher-  teaching measurement.  You have a student who is on the 6th grade reading level and would struggle with the text introducing measurement.  You go to the resource database and serach for text on measurement at the 6th grade reading level.  I drag and drop the 6th Grade text into the Virutal Learning Book.  When I assign the Books to students, I simply send the modified version to those students who need it.